Dear Moms

In my job I know a lot of moms. I spend the majority of my working days with mom to children who have challenges. Most of my friends are moms. Moms to little kids, moms to big kids, grand-moms. Here is what I see:
-moms who are beautiful without trying
-moms who are far more educated and knowledgeable than any doctor could ever be
-moms who spend hour and hours daily preparing organic, gluten and casein free meals for their children
-moms who went to college and have given up hopes of a career to be home with their children
-moms who do without to pay for therapy for their child
-moms who create schools with literally no money to meet the needs of their children
-moms who volunteer hours that they do not have to raise money for causes that support children
-moms who go without sleep
-moms who squeeze in jobs in between diaper changes, cooking and driving their children all over
-moms who sit in freezing cold rain to watch soccer games
-moms who stay in tough marriages so their child will have a father
-moms who blindly support their adult children, refusing to see anything but the good in them
-moms who can only see perfection in the children people call disabled
-moms who work out remortgages in order to help their child
-moms who homeschool because the school district is unable to accommodate their children’s needs
-moms who take the time to witness every small miracle their child makes
-moms who record, crate, scaffold and re-live adventures with their child
-moms who move mountains
-moms who laugh in spite of set backs
-moms who will never stop trying
-grandmoms who do it all again for grandchildren
I am humbled and honored to know every one of you. I see you and understand why you are who you are. I believe the world turns because of you.

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  1. Sharon Cummings says:

    I left you a message on your web site as well. I cannot believe our paths are crossing again. I speak of you every time Conner and I do a presentation. You were the first to believe in Conner along with Nora who still works with him. So much has happened. We are changing a parental support law for children over 18 with disabilities and special needs. Marty left. I just joined the board for ASNV. Would love to catch up. So glad you are doing so well and not surprised at all….

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