Educational Consulting/Tutoring

Academic Tutoring: 

Available for all ages and learning needs. Reading and writing skills from preschool through high school, Math through Algebra, and Science through middle school curriculum. Tutoring can take place at Pathways or a more convenient location.

Educational Consulting: 

Consulting can be scheduled as needed to discuss upcoming IEP meetings or other school-related concerns. Bounce your questions off an experienced special education teacher! We can discuss struggles, strategies, and solutions so you feel better prepared to face the school team.

Homeschool Support: 

We can work through homeschooling roadblocks together. New directions to take, specific curriculum suggestions, resources and tips, and strategies that have been proven to work. I am also available to teach regular or semi-regular lessons to your co-op group!

2 Responses to Educational Consulting/Tutoring

  1. Gregory Hannan says:

    My family is based in Spain— are there any options for treatment/education for us–apart from coming to the States>?

    • Amy Cameron says:

      Hi Gregory! RDI, autism consulting, and educational consulting can all be accomplished via Skype. Please email Amy at to discuss which services you’re interested in. Thanks!

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