Happy Holidays 2015

Dear Pathways Families,

As the year 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your children with us.  It is a blessing to work with your families and learn so much from your journey.  I wanted to share a few things that I have learned this year because of your precious children.

-Bodies and brains are connected

-A “diagnosis” label means very little in the big picture

-Smiles mean a lot in the big picture

-Trying is not always easy but is always worth it

-Optimist Prime is a Transformer and has a square head

-You can build an oil rig out of legos

-Ramps are super fun

-The rectigular activating system (RAS) can make or break a visit to a loud place

-Being kind is something that is felt by others

-If you play Minecraft, your name is Steve

-Slowing down will not kill me

-Not eating gluten is possible

-Someone named Kylo Wren is in Star Wars

-Pixels are important

-Being asked too many questions feels like an assault

-The medulla oblongata is in the upper brainstem

-Singing usually helps

-Parents are the best teachers

-Quickbooks is annoying

-It’s ok to feel more than one way about things (for example, YouTube)

-the purple minion is awesome

-Writing things down can be very useful

-The ocean is the best place

-The ocean is the worst place

-Parents can function on very little sleep, but it sucks

-Talking can be over-rated, but communicating never is

-The biggest hearts are inside of the families that come to Pathways.


Happy Holidays!

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