Happy New Year 2017

The holidays can be so much fun. Food, parties, gifts and traditions! What is not to love? But there is something to be said about the calmness on January. No pressure to be busy. A clean slate of a new year opening itself to hopeful possibilities. I love to be wrapped up in a soft blanket, safe at home with the ones I love. I love the return of normalcy and routine. January lends itself to quiet contemplation and reflection. Of course it is a great time for setting goals and making resolutions. I would argue that January is also a great time to consider how far we’ve come. For those of us blessed with a child who has challenges, it can be a time to take a breather and quietly be grateful for the milestones often missed by those who develop easily. Every goal met, every challenge faced, every problem solved is reason to celebrate and cherish. Our loved ones who have greater challenges teach us how much we take for granted. Their progress teaches us about perseverance. Their struggles teach us about strength. And our presence, guidance and un-willingness to ever give up hope teach us about our own capacity for divine love. January is the perfect time for remembering experiences. For organizing our photos and memories that remind us of who we are. And January allows us to slow it all down, organize and find our footing for the busier months. I am so grateful to be a witness to the development of your children through your guidance. All of you fill my life with such joy. I pray that 2017 will be the best year yet for your family.

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