Working with Amy Cameron has been one of the best things we have ever done for our son and our family. We struggled for years to reach our son through a plethora of behavioral therapies. Each resulting in small gains here and there, but overall failure in reaching our son. We all felt frustrated, out of control, and increasingly isolated from each other.

Amy Cameron changed these dynamics for our entire family. Amy spent a lot of time getting to know each member of our family. Her focus on remediating the configuration of both our son’s deficits and our family dynamics has empowered us to become effective parents. Relationship Development Intervention is a parent centric therapy. This in turn, enables us to be the parents that both our son and our other child need. We are able to support/remediate challenges and inspire both our children to soar with their gifts.



As a long-term, long-distance family, Amy still has made a lasting impact. She took us from a high-stress, high-anxiety environment and helped us transform our home to a normal happy one. testimonials_susanthomasAmy is passionate about what she does and believes that it can be life changing. I have caught onto that passion and am experiencing the power of it.

I never would have dreamed I would be attending my daughter’s dance recitals or drama production, but I am. And these aren’t skills she is gaining; it is developmental changes she is experiencing, and these she will hold-on to for a lifetime.

-Susan Thomas



My son was diagnosed with autism at 22 months old. The first couple years were tough because we felt there weren’t very many helpful programs out there to help our son, and what was, I never felt at peace with. I remember many sleepless nights longing for something, anything to help my son get better. About two years later, I stumbled across information about RDI™ on a message board written by Amy. Without much testimonials_nancyknowledge of the treatment program, I attended a two-day conference about it and had that mother’s instinct that this was it. It felt right. I returned home, immediately contacted Amy and never looked back.

That was five years ago. We’ve been actively applying RDI™ principles with our son since we began learning from Amy. We are so thankful for the tremendous progress our son has made. Before, our son could barely communicate or look us in the eyes, and now he is mainstreamed in the Second Grade. He has built friendships with other neuro-typical kids, including a true “best friend”, and communicates well with them. He and his brother almost never played together, and now they do. Our life was at one time consumed with dealing with our child with autism, now we lead a more typical family life. We’ve just been completely amazed by his progress and are forever grateful to Amy for her guidance and support along the way. We feel that without her leadership and RDI™, our son may have never achieved any of these things.

One of the biggest things that RDI™ and Amy did was to empower us as parents. Before Amy and RDI™, we felt lost in our parenting and in our relationship with our son. With Amy’s coaching through the RDI™ program, we regained trust in ourselves as parents and reclaimed that place in our son’s life. She restored our hope for our son and for his future.

I can’t begin to explain how incredible of an experience it has been to work alongside Amy. She has a true passion for helping all of her clients with autism and their families. Her approach is gentle, positive, supportive, warm and creative. You will rarely find a more dedicated individual. She cares deeply for all of her families and goes completely out of her way to help in every way she can. She has been our number one cheerleader through all the ups and downs of the past five years. Amy will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

-Nancy Ranta



I remember sitting in a seminar on autism back in 1994 and being taught that my daughter would never gain certain abilities she lacked. I was heartbroken and accepted that Pamela would never communicate through facial expressions and body language nor share her emotions. Since joining Pathways Treatment Center and testimonials_tammyputting the RDI™ program into effect, not only have I witnessed my 20-year-old daughter do things that she was supposedly never intended to do, but my hope has been restored.

It has been extremely beneficial having Amy, who is RDI™ certified and qualified as a language and speech pathologist, because in addition to autism my daughter has aphasia. Amy really focuses on Pamela’s speech as well, which has helped tremendously over the past year.

Probably what impressed me the most with Amy is that she treats my daughter like a real person. Working with most professionals in this field, they focus on the problems and treat children with autism as something needing to be fixed. Amy is constantly delivering encouraging words like how my daughter is so much fun and she highlights the things Pamela is improving in. This means everything to a mother.

-Tammy Glaser



After trying several different programs to help my son, at 8-years-old, I finally had settled with the realization that there was nothing else to help him progress. Nothing was working. I felt incompetent testimonials_margaretas a mother… until I met Amy. She was quick to help, gentle in her approach, super supportive and a mentor to say the least. When I have situations arise that I am unsure of how to handle, Amy not only literally comes to the rescue, but she actively guides me with useful and practical application.

My son made more progress in two years at Pathways Treatment Center than the previous eight years trying other numerous programs and methods.

Amy puts her entire heart and soul into working with these kids and they all adore her. Once seeing her interact with my son, it was clear this is her calling. That is why it was an easy decision to move from Africa to North Carolina in order to be near Amy. She is the best in the business!

-Margaret Rice