The holiday season and autism.

Crowded rooms, strong smells, and flashing lights are just a few characteristics of the holiday season that may cause stress for an autism family. Endless tips and suggestions for making the season go more smoothly can be found on the internet these days. Here are just a few……

You Can Have Happy Holidays! 

Why the holidays are difficult…

Autism and the Holidays

Holiday Tips

Outside of the practicalities of surviving family visits and the break in routines, I wish nothing more than for autism families to remember and make time for real connection. Getting the perfect family photo or watching an entire Christmas movie snuggled on the couch together may not work out as you hoped. But maybe it will.

And either way, the holidays are a wonderful time to focus on connecting with our children. Make time for them, include them in your activities, do “nothing” together, and look for special holiday opportunities to spotlight things they do enjoy.

One of my Pathways families shared how RDI has improved their holiday experience. Enjoy their story and enjoy the holidays!

“Before RDI, I would end up feeling defeated on Christmas day when my son couldn’t or wouldn’t participate in any of the activities and traditions we did as a family. Now that I know better how to guide him and how to appreciate real engagement with him, there is no shortage of special moments. I know better how to provide him with just enough framework to be comfortable and when and how I can present a challenge. Lately every Christmas has been better than the one before!”

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