Therapies Offered


“I remember the first child I met who had autism. I recognized his untapped potential, and felt the frustration of not knowing how best to help him. It was at that point I dedicated myself and my career to helping people with autism to reach their potential.”
-Amy Cameron, Owner of Pathways Treatment Center

Pathway’s Theraputic Philosophy

Pathways Treatment Center was founded on the belief that we can do better for families impacted by autism and other neurological challenges.  We know that autism changes the course of development of the brain. Those differences in development manifest in how the person learns, thinks, communicates and behaves.  We believe that most “behaviors” seen from children and adults with autism are symptomatic of what is happening in the brain.   We also know that through relationships, experiences, repatterning and exposure we can change the course of brain development.

We believe that the parent/child relationship is the most important in influencing brain development.  When a neurological challenge like autism occurs, it is difficult for parents to know how to face those challenges and guide their child despite them.  At Pathways Treatment Center we educate, support, guide and team with parents to face the unique issues faced in their family and address them using solid theraputic approaches.

Our Therapists and Support Team have a high degree of training and experience with autism.  We hold degrees and certifications in therapies that are innovative and up to date.  More importantly, the Pathway’s team are dedicated, hard working and compassionate individuals who believe that all people deserve the opportunity to develop to their best potential.

To learn more about specific therapies offered, please click on one of the links below.

Team Approach

Masgutova Neuro-Motor Reflex Integration (MNRI)

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

Speech and Language Therapy