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Hello, my name is Amy Cameron, and I am the owner of Pathways Treatment Center in Apex, North Carolina. At Pathways, we offer a team approach to helping families of children and adults who are facing challenges like autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD and Learning Disabilities. We offer Relationship Development Intervention, Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI), Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Academic Support. Recently, we held an Open House at Pathways and had the opportunity to speak with parents about their family’s needs and what we can offer to help.

It was wonderful to have the chance to sit down with parents and hear about what is most important to them when facing a diagnosis and seeking support. It was not a surprise to me to find that parents are smart and know what they are seeking, but frustrated with the challenges presented when faced with conflicting information from the internet and the experts they now deal with. I hear similar stories all the time. Parents can see their child struggling and eventually their child receives a diagnosis. But after the confirmation of diagnosis, so many parents feel like they are on their own to figure out what to do about it. Schools and early intervention are wonderful resources, but often are unable to address needs beyond their particular setting. The internet has an overwhelming amount of information, much of it conflicting. And when seeking therapies, parents often become more like a chauffeur and not a true part of helping their child to develop the abilities they are lacking. I have seen the same scenario again and again.

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I started Pathways in 2004. My thought at that time was to actually listen to what parents were saying, to learn what they know about their child, and integrate that with my own growing knowledge of the best therapeutic options. At that time, I felt a little hidden in my own corner of the world, lucky enough to have some parents who believed in teaming with me. And what we found was exciting. Through our mutual respect and collaboration, we made actual progress with those children. So much progress that I started to hear from other therapists in the area asking about what was happening at Pathways. I remember one therapist saying that she always knew when a family was working through Pathways because the children connecting, communicating and possibly more importantly, the parents were educated and empowered. And so like the Field of Dreams movie, incredibly talented therapists began migrating into Pathways wanting to truly collaborate with families, problem-solve and make real life differences in the lives of the families they work with.

One of those therapists, my dear friend Anat, came all the way from Israel! Families began working with us from as far away as Vietnam and Singapore. Now, through the magic of Skype, we connect and collaborate with families from across the United States and the world.

Fast forward to today, and I feel as though I have assembled the most amazing team of therapists and teacher who all believe in collaboration and placing the parents at the center of the team focused on helping that child and meeting that child’s individual needs and challenges. The Pathways team I have assembled all have a heart for what they do. A passion for children who have special needs and desire to achieve the best possible quality of life for every individual we serve. So at Pathways, our waiting room is rarely used. Our parents are a part of nearly every session. Our parents play a crucial role in developing a plan for their own child and then learning how to approach those goals in a developmentally appropriate method using strategies and techniques taught to them by our therapists and teacher. Parents are the best, most natural guides for their child’s development. And I am not saying that our therapists are old, but we all come with at least 10 years of experience and training in our fields. I am so very proud of the Pathways families and therapy teams. I feel that even through our children face challenges, that they are some of the luckiest in the world to have such amazing parents and teams surrounding them and supporting their development.

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In the coming weeks, our newsletter will be placing a spotlight on each of our therapists so that you have the opportunity to understand the commitment, training and experience each of us has to offer. I believe once you know the dedication and passion our team members put into their work, you will want to become a part of our Pathways family. We are a wonderful community and hope that you will allow us the chance to collaborate with you and make real progress together.

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