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Integrative Therapy Services

Forest Path

Safe Body, Safe Mind

At Pathways Treatment Center we believe that feeling safe and regulated within your own body is the foundation for relationships with yourself and with others.  Many people struggle with feeling like they are in constant fight, flight or freeze.  This affects their ability to feel safe, think, and develop.  It is at the basis of many other symptoms like anxiety, sensory disorder, demand avoidance, learning difficulties and relationship issues.  Calming the nervous system is at the foundation of healing these issues.




Our primary reflexes are meant to protect our bodies in times of great stress.  Sometimes, however, those primary reflexes do not integrate properly, or remain in the protection mode for too long.  It is very difficult to be open to learning, interacting and living optimally when the primary reflexes are not integrated.  Our primary reflexes are active at a sub-cortical level in the brain.  This means it is not controlled by our conscious brain.  At Pathways Treatment Center, we use therapy methods that target these centers of the brain to optimize integration and create space for our conscious brain to work their best.


Masgutova Neuro Sensory Motor Reflex Integration (MNRI)

MNRI is the most comprehensive integration program for primary reflexes.  As a Core Specialist and an Instructor in MNRI, Amy can help you know if you or your loved one would benefit from primary reflex integration.  MNRI is appropriate for autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, learning difficulties, developmental delays, sensory integration, trauma, cerebral palsy, and many other symptoms that impact quality of life. 


Customized Therapy

Every individual is appreciated and loved for who they are at Pathways Treatment Center.  No diagnosis defines a person.  Diversity is celebrated and valued here.  The goal of therapy at Pathways Treatment Center is to improve a person’s quality of life, not to change or suppress their individuality.  I value all identities, ethnicities and religions here.  An individualized therapeutic path is created for each person/family at Pathways Treatment Center.  It is my honor to have the opportunity to be a part of that healing path.


Please reach out to Amy Cameron at

919-387-1818 or

if you would like to learn more.

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