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Hello and Hola! 

I am Lourdes. I am an S2C (Spelling to Communicate) practitioner. S2C is an organized way to help those who are non/minimal or unreliable speakers with communication learn to use a letter based system to communicate flexibly. This methodology teaches individuals with sensory, movement and regulation differences purposeful motor control as they point to letters on a letterboard so that they can communicate with others. As they continue to utilize the boards, the new neural pathways that have developed become permanent and the individual is able to achieve limitless and reliable communication. 

Here is a little about me. I was born in Puerto Rico where I lived until I went to California to pursue my PhD in Organizational Psychology. After working as a consultant, I moved to Germany to support my husband’s military career. We have three adult children and a furry baby. 

I love connecting, embracing, and celebrating progress with students and families. It is inspiring to see the love and commitment all parents and caregivers have to make sure our spellers are heard and included. It makes me smile when I get a text or video from a parent telling/showing every new accomplishment. There is so much hope for our autistic community and I am here to help you all the way.


If you want to learn more about S2C and schedule your free assessment,

you can email me at or call at (480) 603-6889.

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