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My Approach

Bodies and brains are connected.

It seems simple, but in fact is quite complex.  Our brains receive all information through our bodies and develop based on the information received. When we think about the information we receive, our minds form.   Babies are born with certain reflexive movements that serve as survival and protective mechanisms.  These non-intentional movements are called primitive reflexes.   As the baby grows, these reflexive movements become intgrated into the brain and serve as the basis for higher cortical functioning, like thinking, self control and emotional regulation.   When the reflexes do not integrate properly, difficulties with regulation, cognition, movement, attention and sensory processing occur.

At Pathways Treatment Center, I use the Masgutova Neuro-Sensory Motor Reflex Integration (MNRI) Program to aid in integration of retained, interrupted and un-integrated primitive reflexes.

The MNRI Program is highly specialized and recognized world-wide as a highly effective way to integrate these important brainstem issues. The MNRI Program is applicable to many different types of issues, including, autism, cebral palsy, adhd, anxiety, trauma, learning disabilities and head injuries. More information is available at

I offer MNRI as a direct therapy service and parent educational program. 

Please contact Amy Cameron at 919-387-1818 for more information.

Amy is one of the most kind and caring practitioners I have ever encountered. Not only has she provided exceptional care, demonstrating her high level of clinical skill, she has been a key resource for our family as we navigate our son’s neurodevelopmental challenges. I can honestly say that the therapy Amy has provided truly played the key role in putting my son’s development on the right path.

Marisa, July 2022

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